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New Holland TD5040- (2) available- Folks, talk about hard to find- I have a couple old stock, unused, New Holland td5040 tractors. One has 5 hours, other now has about 12 as I used it to mow the yard year last few times. units are 85 engine hp, 3 range with 4 speed trans for 12 gears. Manual shuttle gives 12 in reverse as well. Cat 2 3 pt hitch with a 540 pto. Two rear remotes. Equipped with front suitcase weights and two cast weights per wheel on the back. Also have a nice canopy on them as well. These rigs are just old enough to be pre emission spec units. No regen, urea, or burnout cycles to worry about! Simple proven technology! These are the better of this economy series tractor from what I'm told as these were built in Italy. Very basic tractors, no loader, no frills. Just levers, cables and switches. I like them so much I kept one for the haying fleet. Priced at $40,000 each! 


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