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New Holland W50C TC- Folks, bought this new for the yard as a leftover in fall of 2019, believe it was built in 2017 or 2018 if that matters to you. Has just under 500 hours on it. Never been in the salt or manure. Used here for loading and unloading trucks, testing new attachments, and plowing the yard in the winter (does not leave yard in winter, no salt). Recent fuel filter just to prep for winter, air filter is clean, engine oil probably due in the spring. I've been running factory 10-40 semi synthetic as it came with new and changing at 150-200 hours- they recommend 500 hours- I have not done diffs or drop box yet- believe they call for 1000 hours on those. Hydraulic oil filter done once. Only two issues I've had were a cracked park brake disc (which I replaced) and a water in fuel sensor that would occasionally give a code for no reason. Just replaced that but have not had Nh dealer reset code yet. Have had zero other issues and nothing that made unit unusable. Parts and service available easily through either Champlain Valley or Beareguard (these are same thing a Case- just different color).  Unit has the toolcarrier style boom so it is ideal in forklift applications, provides excellent visibility and level lift. Skid steer style hydraulic coupler with auxiliary remote as well. Cab equipped with heat and air, radio, creeper control, anti spin diffs, and air adjustable suspension seat. Has a one yard bucket that came new with it that has never been used. It has teeth on it now and I also have a bolt on cutting edge kit for it if you choose to remove teeth. Also listing this with a new set of forks, and a new 8' snow pusher with rubber cutting edge, and a set of (4) tire chains that have little use on them. Not aggressive ones, just simple cross links for a little extra bite on the ice. So someone will have a nice complete package. this loader has served me super well and pains me to sell it but I just picked up a 23' unit with 27 hours on it (and if it sells first then I will keep this one) Priced as equipped @ $80,000- Unit alone about 100k now to replace, plus attachments.


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