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Folks, have one decent older hay wagon left. believe an H and S 16 by 8 rack on an international 8 ton running gear, if I remember right. Just a typical older wagon. Access front and side, Extendable pole. I towed 20 or so miles home with no issues. Priced at $3,200. Vt sales tax applies unless you have valid farm exemption! If you've priced a new one recently, you won't wait long to come grab this one!!! I just saw some new ones at $7k and $7500 each Ouch. 

A slightly more thorough inspection (all the stuff no one else will tell you!)- one stringer mount bent- all tires holding air fine- jacked up and spun tires to check bearings- 3 tight, one slightly loose - 3 sounded a little dry but none grumbly - test towed- goes good to 25-30mph. I brought it up to 40- somewhere between 30-40 it gets some sway.

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