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Kaufman tilt trailers- Temporarily sold out! Both models- Folks, I usually keep a load ahead of these but goofed up! I am out for the moment, and hesitate to get any shipped as I don't like getting them delivered with any chance of having salt on the roads. - Standard 15k unit specs- 8' stationary front deck, 14' 6" of tilt deck, with a foot and a half metal tow plate on the end. 1-lever release for tilt deck. 2 5/16" ball hitch, stake pockets and rub rails for tie down points, 7k axles, 12K drop foot jack, wood floor, sealed wiring harness and LED lights make these a reasonable value- A workin' persons trailer, not too fancy, but the right options to get the job done. Same trailer I use daily. Priced @ $8900. 

Also sold out for the moment- I usually stock the 17k gvw version of the trailer above- same frame, deck, and dimensions, but built with 8k axles, solid wheels with heavier tires, and a 3 bolt 25k rated 2 5'16" ball hitch. Priced at $10900

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