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2022 Sany SY155U- Weighs approx 38,000lb. In as new condition- about 10 hours on it. I've unloaded a load of trailers with it and dug up a couple stumps. Otherwise new. Grade bucket has not been used!  Balance of 5 year/5000hour warranty remains. Machine equipped with cab/heat/radio/backup camera. Work equipment - blade, hydraulic quick coupler, Fleco progressive link hydraulic thumb, Fleco HD dig bucket, and Gryb 6-" tilting clean up bucket. Machine is equipped right! About the size of a Cat 315 or Deere /Volvo 160 class, but at a much more reasonable price! I ordered this before all the price increases, but all the implements took close to a year to get. Anyhow, all that means is the price is right! If you just have to have a Cat or Deere name plate, well, that will set you back around $220k for this size machine with these options. If you aren't the brand loyal type, this Sany can be had for $169,000!!! Do some research, while Sany is new to the area, its far from a new company. These have been in the states for years, and they have a huge facility for assembly and parts in Georgia

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