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 Unused 2023 Bobcat E35 R2- Folks- Just got my hands on two more of these cancelled order units! Just hit the yard- Never been in the dirt, balance of factory warranty (till about this time next year on complete machine. With these being right at the hp limit, there is no regen or burnout cycles on these! Weight approx 7500 lbs- open station, blade, manual quick coupler, dig bucket, clean up bucket, and hydraulic thumb! the thumb and cleanup buckets are on order, expect that will take a couple weeks- Priced with thumb, two buckets, coupler @ $50,000!!! In todays world where a new half ton pickup is 55k and up, a 3/4 is 75k and up, $50k for something you can put right to work and bill a hundred dollars an hour- more if you are a good operator and or estimator, these are a bargain!!!   

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