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Gravely 460Z- diesel- 60" deck, kubota diesel engine. Was told its a 2015 when I bought it- I think it may actually have a build date a couple years older- hard to tell- anyhow, this unit is in amazing shape. I bought with about 200 hours and now just turned 250. Very nice shape cosmetically and mechanically. Even has an air operated seat for comfort. I just went through and did a thorough service, replaced two front scalp wheels, engine oil and filter, hydraulic oil (changed to synthetic) and the internal filters (hydrogear 5400 drives) - Also did fuel and air filters, checked rear angle drive box, changed traction drive belt, sharpened knives, and I guess that's about it. We use this around the yard and love the way it goes. Also like how efficient it is on fuel. I haven't run any tests to tell you exact consumption but compared to having a large hp gas powered here seems you are always filling up and with this rig, it just goes and goes. So onto price, a new diesel zero turn of any brand is 20k plus now, have this one priced at $13,000- and if it doesn't sell it will continue to be the yard mower here. Only known issue is floats on fuel guage seem to be stuck as reading is off. I never did look into that. Otherwise goes like a new one.  


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