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Just in folks- Oh what a beauty- great addition to the farm or estate property. I don't get these super fancy Gators in too often. This one's a 2019 835M HVAC- (the hvac just means heat, ventilation, and ac) Very nice cab with heater and ice cold air! Also has power steering and power dump. Has alloy wheel package and protection package which is a nice set of bumpers front and rear as well as side bumpers for the fenders. The engine in this is a 3 cylinder efi, scoots right along- supposed to do around 40-45mph. Meant as a crossover utility, not a race unit but plenty spunky to have a fun ride. Machine has approx 1200 hours/5000 miles. Pretty darn clean unit all around. One broken trim piece on passenger side lower area- otherwise cosmetically in really nice shape. Oh, one other thing to note- this unit came from Georgia so it has never seen salt! Underside is clean- aside from a little red clay I missed. Now onto the price, well- I'd rather be the second owner than the first- unit sells new for around 33-34k as equipped- I have this one fresh in and priced right @ $24,000!!!

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