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 Bobcat S250- unit has loegering VTS track conversion and wider bucket to go with it. I sold this machine several years back- was ex sunbelt rental unit. The VTS conversion was done after its rental life though. Machine now has about 3500 hours. Kubota diesel engine. Rated at 2500lb, and with the track conversion its a lifting animal! Unit a little rough around the edges but starts/runs/operates well.


Issues as noted-


Needs a service.


One drive is a little faster than the other. One drive was replaced a couple years back as owner thought it had failed- turns out it was just a keyway that had gone- however the replaced side is a little more nimble. Works fine though.


Track setup sounds like it needs a few bearings as one side squawks from time to time.


If you prefer going back to a wheeled machine- This kit comes off in an hour or so and you can put regular wheels and tires back on- Makes it pretty versatile. Priced at $14,000 as is! A lot of machine for the money! 


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