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 2011 Vermeer sc252 stump grinder for sale. 27hp kohler engine, dual wheel kit, approx 1600 hours. Self propelled, hydraulic drive , swing, and raise. Manual steering, locking drive axle to help get through the sticky spots. Recent drive axle and bearing. Just put a choke kit in the carb. This is one I’ve had around the yard a little while and used to clean up some stumps. Works well. Was $10900, than 10k, looking to move it now, first $9000 takes it! Vt sales tax applies. Call 802-793-7023. I’ve sold quite a few of these 252 models, good basic machines that don’t break the bank! I also have another SC252, few years older, decent shape, runs and works excellent but sounds like head gasket is starting to leak- common on the older kohlers. Day job by my experience, or if you do them all the time probably a half day job. If you have interest in that one as is how is and again, it runs and works just fine, its just that when you start it and shut it off you can hear it just starting to leak by- could be run as is for now. I'd sell that one for $7500 as is!

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