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 John Deere 190E excavator- This is not a new machine by any means but it is a good working older unit. Specs- 55hp Deere diesel, unit weight approx 16,500lbs. Has about 12800 hours so its certainly been around a bit but it starts, runs, and operates better than the hours and age would lead you to believe. Previous owner had passed away so machine has mostly sat the last couple years. Had a good full service just a couple operating hours ago. Very recently had one new final drive, and the other was rebuilt a 4 or 5 years back. Also looks like it has a new starter on it- Also very few operating hours ago- new track chains and rollers with very little time on them- can still see the black paint on them. Idlers not pushed out at all, very little to no wear on the majority of undercarriage components. I do think they reused the pads though. Also had a Gentec hydraulic thumb added and it looks like the 30" bucket is pretty new as well. Previous owner was fixing it up a little at a time to keep but sadly that didn't work out! They put a ton of money in it, now its time to move it on to its next adventure- A few more notes from my check in- unit has the wider 24" pad option for flotation. Engine starts instantly and runs clean, no blow by seen. Pump feels very strong, machine lifts itself at an idle. Cylinders all look pretty good. I put the machine in the air a few minutes- blade, boom, and stick all stayed put with no drift. Stick to bucket has some play but a lot less than you would expect for age. There is a little play in boom base pins as well but again, for the hours its decent and nothing that has to be addressed. Cosmetics are fair, been repainted at some point and its not perfect but is respectable. Lower front panel is plexi, as well as upper side door panel. Swing motor looked low on oil, I was told they added as needed. Pretty common issue for the older deere/hitachis in this size. Probably not something that needs immediate attention either but worth mentioning. Didn't really see any leaks or drips otherwise- possibly seepage at hyd tank sight glass- thats about it. Inside the machine- meter works, heater works, push button throttle controls worked and high and low speed for tracks works. The auto idle did not. Not sure what else to tell you, rig had a lot of money put its way fixing it up, its still not perfect but sadly 29K doesn't buy much machine right meow. Priced to sell was $29,000- only been here a couple weeks but lets drop it to 28k and get it gone! 

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