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Folks, just in and what a rig- Just got this 315CL in on trade. Nice vintage unit, pre-emission  6 cyl engine (a 3046 I believe) About 11,300 hours- Has progressive link thumb. Unit is a 2006, bought by last owner with about 1000 hours in 2009, two operators since its been in that company. They tell me its the original bottom and looks to be a fair amount of life left.  Idlers not all the way out, chains aren't broke through, tracks well actually. I did see one bottom track roller flat spotted, rest are good. Engine original and no real blow by seen. Starts well, runs clean and has good power. Hydraulic pump replaced about 1200 hours ago. It did not grenade. Previous owner said it  began to sound whiny- they had it checked out, old pump was at spec but they changed it anyway before it caused other issues. New oil at the same time.  Have maintenance records since 2010- yearly oil/filter changes, looks like one set of belts, and the pump back in 2020. Not very much done to it otherwise. I have seen zero hydraulic leaks, little damp on one side of valve cover but nothing major. No leaks seen. Unit is quite tight for age. Only issues I could come up with on my check in is -Needs one lower track roller,  looks due for an air filter, maybe engine oil and filter. (and not really due by hours, just be a good idea to start fresh)- This is one of the nicer C models I've seen in a while. Not much to pick on about this rig. Take a look at the pictures, come try it out and buy it before I decide to keep it!   

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