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 Just in folks, picked up another Frontier DM1140 disc mower- nice shape, used very little by the looks of it. Mows around 5ft 3", 540rpm, cat 1 or 2 3 pt hitch, requires one remote outlet to raise for transport. Per their specs- takes only 28hp to run it- being that the nature of it hanging off the side, I would personally want a 40-50hp size tractor if you had any steep hills- Mower frame, discs, and curtain all look pretty nice. Knives could stand to be sharpened. I did grease pto shaft, checked gear box oil (looks like new) and cutterbar oil (looks like new) but it should be rechecked once on tractor so level can be checked in the right position. - one other note- this is a frontier brand product- which is an attachment line put together by John Deere- however its mostly a line of rebranded items, I am about 95% sure this line of discs was actually built by Kuhn- judging from the way its built and even down to the serial tag showing its made in France- Price wise- a new disc mower, even in this smaller size will run you around 10k, I have this barely used one priced to blow out the door at $5,000! Great for small hay producer, or even to take the place of a brush hog style mower- not for heavy brush but does an amazing job on regularly mowed fields. Mows so much faster and cleaner than a brush hog, and great for keeping the headlands trimmed up. 

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