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Gravely 460Z- diesel- 60" deck, kubota diesel engine. Was told its a 2015 when I bought it- I think it may actually have a build date a couple years older- hard to tell- anyhow, this unit is in amazing shape. I bought with about 200 hours and now just turned 250. Very nice shape cosmetically and mechanically. Even has an air operated seat for comfort. I just went through and did a thorough service, replaced two front scalp wheels, engine oil and filter, hydraulic oil (changed to synthetic) and the internal filters (hydrogear 5400 drives) - Also did fuel and air filters, checked rear angle drive box, changed traction drive belt, sharpened knives, and I guess that's about it. We use this around the yard and love the way it goes. Also like how efficient it is on fuel. I haven't run any tests to tell you exact consumption but compared to having a large hp gas powered here seems you are always filling up and with this rig, it just goes and goes. So onto price, a new diesel zero turn of any brand is 20k plus now, have this one priced at $13,000- and if it doesn't sell it will continue to be the yard mower here. Only known issue is floats on fuel guage seem to be stuck as reading is off. I never did look into that. Otherwise goes like a new one.  


2015 Huslter Super Z with hyper drive- About 1200 hours- been using here around the yard for a season or two. Runs/mows great. 35hp Kawasaki ,60" deck These rigs flat out fly! Right around 15 mph I believe. Have a bagger assembly for it except the cloth bags are missing- Great value at $8,000 as is- or for $8500 with a fresh oil change, blades sharpened, hydro filter, air filter, and a cleaning. Machine looks respectable, some paint loss on deck, but very solid.  Mower alone now is about 16 or 17k, plus 3k for bagger!!! 

John Deere 960m (2) available. Both 2018's with approx 770 and 780 hours hours. Bought from overstock from another dealer, was told they were serviced last year then never sold- Just looked them over quick, one got a new battery and deck adjuster knob, the other an ignition switch and a spindle cover. Both start, run, and mow excellent. Mowed the yard a few times make sure. Both are 60" deck with 31 hp kawasaki engines. These sell for $15809 new- Yours for $8,000 each!  

John Deere 1445 series 2 - front style mower- Pretty nice shape for age (roughly 2005) Yanmar 30hp diesel engine, 72" deck- Deck replaced 3 or 4 years ago and in very nice shape. Unit is 2wd. About 3300 hours. Was owned by a local school. Cost you 30k to replace it now, possibly more- Great for large estate, commercial property, etc. First $6,000

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