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Incoming- Bit of a teaser here folks! Those familiar here know I don't deal much in trucks but boy oh boy did I stumble into a nice one!!! I'm not sure at this time if I will sell this or keep it but putting a few feelers out- So, this truck is a local one owner operator truck- a 2003 Mack Granite series, 400hp, 10 speed multi reverse trans, 17' steel dump body, lift axle, camelback suspension. 44klb rears, 18k front. Here's where things get real interesting- This truck has never been used in the salt, always parked for winters, and it has 12,393 original miles/1,782 hours!!! Yes original, was bought new locally, driven by an older gent and used for what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it! Interior is clean, frame is clean, cab is clean. Really a remarkable pre emission truck- bit of a unicorn really. The dump body was repainted at some point and tht is flaking, with good original paint underneath it. Would paint up easy, zero rust.  Could stand a new side board as well. Lift axle tires a little weathered, others are in great shape with plenty of tread all around.  Cab paint is original, couple spots on hood that show fade but still very respectable and clean looking. Really don't know what else to say about this, it drives like a new one. Call if you have serious interest.  Save us both some time if you are going to offer little or nothing for it, I'll be glad to keep it that's the case! 

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