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Just in-  2015 Kubota SSV65 - 64hp, rated load 1950lb, tip load 3900lb, 18gpm auxillary hydraulic flow, machine weight approx 6800lb. This is a very basic machine- Open rops, standard hand/foot control (foot for loader), no heat or glass, no radio, no power tach (has manual qa ) . It does have two speed though.  2012 hours. Just did a pretty complete service including- grease, change oi/filter, clean and change oil separator filter, hydraulic filters (both spin on), hydraulic oil and in tank suction filter, change fuel filter and clean water separator, check chain boxes, change air filters, etc. Also pulled the (4) bottom access covers and cleaned out everything (within reason). Cleaned fan housing. I  just don't know how people do these quick hour services, seems to take me a day or day and a half. Either I'm slow or half this stuff most people aren't doing. Anyhow, Starts, runs, operates as it should, would make an excellent farm machine. Very simple, no frills, limited electronics compared to most today. Priced at about half of new at $22,000.


 Bobcat S250- unit has loegering VTS track conversion and wider bucket to go with it. I sold this machine several years back- was ex sunbelt rental unit. The VTS conversion was done after its rental life though. Machine now has about 3500 hours. Kubota diesel engine. Rated at 2500lb, and with the track conversion its a lifting animal! Unit a little rough around the edges but starts/runs/operates well. I should note, one drive is a little faster than the other. One drive was replaced a couple years back as owner thought it had failed- turns out it was just a keyway that had gone- however the replaced side is a little more nimble. Works fine though. Track setup sounds like it needs a few bearings as one side squawks from time to time.  If you don't want a track machine and want to go back to this being a rubber tired machine, I will pull and keep track setup, and buy you new wheels/tires and also put a narrower bucket back on and keep the bucket currently on it- all at the same price!  Up to you whether you want it on wheels or tracks.  Pictures coming! Priced at $16,000 as is! A lot of machine for the money! 


Three more units just in- pictures coming! 

2012 Bobcat S650 wheeled skid steer- Excellent shape, just turned 2000 hours. Sold this to a good customer/friend of mine 4 or 5 years back, has been used as a yard machine at a farm supply / hardware store- loading /unloading trucks, plowing yard etc. Has been stored inside since there. Has not been in the salt or manure.  Unit is just old enough so it has the per-emission spec kubota diesel, 75hp -no regen or def fluid complications to worry about! Since he's had it- Rotella t4 has been run in the engine, bobcat oil in hydraulic, oem filters, oil changed every 100 hours, no exceptions! fuel filter every 50 hours, cab filters every fall. (he's a bit fussy on his equipment) Also has recently changed tires to a deep tread hd tire and foam filled the rears for ballast. Machine has cab with heat, no ac, radio, standard hand control for drive/foot for loader. Machine weight around 8000lbs, rated lift 2500lbs but these are a lifting animal, they really over lift their rated capacity in my experience. Customer is trading in for a track machine in the next couple of weeks, I don't think it will last long @ $32,000- Currently not in yard yet, can be seen in bridport Vt   


2002 Bobcat T190 - base machine, foot controls for loader, Kubota turbo diesel @56hp, Aftermarket front door. Has heater but not working. 4500 hours. Tracks very good, about two years old. Machine starts, runs, operates well. I've owned this machine (3) times, has been a good stepping stone to trade up to newer machines when the time was right. Does have  creep at idle that should be dealt with. Does not when idled up. Its far from perfect but @ $19500, its a fair amount of machine for the money!


Sale pending-Also just in, 2020 Kubota SVL75-2- loaded unit, cab, heat, air, radio, power tach, standard and high flow. Machine is clean. Was owned by a paver, no salt, manure, or heavy construction use. Tracks are worn down due to pavement use but will have new tracks when sold. Priced @ $60,000. - go to the build/price on kubota's site, new one is $82k, oh and the wait time has been 6-12 months!  Available next week as I have one small project to do with it first. Sale Pending

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